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Besançon model of stellar population synthesis of the Galaxy

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last modification: Fri Nov, 3 2017 18:26 CET

Welcome to the Besançon Model of the Galaxy web site.

The service is now available using two ways.
You can access the form as in previous version or directly access to parameters in web service mode.

To access the forms, you must be logged in; create an account if you do not have one yet.

See the description for details about this new version

Other related services are also available (or will be soon available):

  • The Mabuls service provides maps of the microlensing events expected, optical depth, time durations, etc. It is available at "Mabuls"
  • The Gravpot16 service is able to compute orbits, assuming the Besancon Galaxy Model gravitational potential (Fernandez-Trincado et al, 2017). Have a look at "GravPot16"
  • The GUMS Simulations (Gaia Universe Model Snapshot, Robin et al. 2012) of the Gaia catalogue are available at the CDS "GUMS"

You can still access the previous version if you need to.